Heel pain is the most common injury I see in the clinic and most people reading this will have experienced heel pain at some point in their life.  But why is it so common? And how can I make it go away?

There are many reasons behind the cause of heel pain:

  • Poor footwear
  • Hard working surfaces
  • Weight gain or pregnancy
  • Tight calves
  • Increase in exercise
  • Ankle sprain or injury, just to name a few.


Keep reading for my top tips and tricks to solve your heel pain for good!

  1. Footwear
  • Check your work shoes AND your runners!
  • Do they have arch support?
  • Are they strong?
  • Do they hold onto your foot?

2.    Working surfaces

  • Hard floors don’t offer your feet any shock absorption
  • Anti-fatigue mat’s are great way to give your feet more cushion
  • Wear some indoor shoes if you work from home

3.   Type of exercise

  • Mix up your training to reduce high impact
  • Bike riding
  • Swimming
  • Interval training

4.   Stretching

  • The tighter your legs muscles to more strain it can put on your feet.
  • Calves feed into your heel and if they become tight can contribute to your heel pain.

5.   Previous injury and re-strengthening

  • The muscles in our feet and ankles become weakened after a significant sprain or break which makes them more susceptible to injury.
  • Re-strengthening the foot is important so it can withstand the pressure we place on our feet daily and during exercise.
  • A simple one I use in the clinic to strengthen the arch of the foot and the achilles is called “The rise and hold”, simply rise up on your toes and hold for 45secs, then come down and rest for 45secs and repeat this 5 times, for maximum results complete this exercise twice a day.

If you have any questions on structural taping, gait and run retraining, orthotics or how podiatry can help follow the link below to make an appointment or give the clinic a call!

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