One week to go and it’s the best stage in your training when you finally get to taper and allow the body to rest and recover before the big event. This is not a time to try something different, it’s time to mentally prepare for the physical test that is around the corner.
Your body has adapted to the rigours of your training and the focus for your week should be preparing mentally for your race and trusting in your training, knowing you are physically prepared to tackle the event.Hydration is key this week to reduce the risk of muscle cramping and help flush out any toxins from the body. Hydraltye is a good alternative to water and it has less sugar than sports drinks.

My footwear tips in the lead up

  • Give your feet the 5 star treatment in the lead up to the event by wearing supportive and cushioned shoes all week. This will reduce foot fatigue and keep them fresh in preparation for the 23km they will be running.​
  • Give your runners a rest the day before the event to allow the midsole (the foam in the centre of the shoe which functions as shock absorber) to decompress and give you the best cushioning as possible for race day.
  • Wearing a different pair of shoes the morning of the race can also keep your runners fresh, just remember to change them before the starting bell!

It is also equally important to think about the type of socks you wear as they will reduce discomfort when running. As skin perspires it creates more friction thus increasing the chances of developing a blister, so choosing a sock that can keep your feet as dry as possible is important. Opt for a moisture wicking sock as they move moisture from the skin to the fabrics’ surface to evaporate through the shoe liner.  My top three favourite socks for this reason are:

  • Steigen socks
  • Thorlo experia socks
  • Stance socks.

Good Luck to all runners and enjoy the most amazing scenery while at it!

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