You’ve gathered your fillies, you’ve picked the winner for the day and you’re dressed to the nines, the last thing you want ruining your day is sore tired feet!

Follow this quaddie to keep your feet fresh on the green…

  1. Heel counter

A firm heel counter will offer your ankle more support and stability, this is a big win when you might be walking across soft grass and/or have a history of ankle sprains.

2.  Heel height

Anything higher than 2cm will double the weight under the ball of your feet, try looking for a platform under the balls of your feet, as this will make the heel incline less or a wedged shape heel.

Broad heels increase the base of gait and therefore offer more stability, especially on uneven surfaces such as grass and sand.

3.    Mid sole

A firm midsole will support the arch of your foot and prevent fatigue and aching.
Padding under the balls of the feet will provide increased shock absorption and cushioning offering comfort to your feet while standing all day long.

4.  Toe box

The front of the shoe must be wide, long and deep enough for your toes. It sounds simple but trying to squeeze into a pointed toe shoe might give you regrets by midday! Look for a more rounded toe box to allow space for your toes and prevent blistering from footwear pressure.

Enough horsing around! I hope these trackside tips have put you in good stead for a great time at the races, and help you keep your shoes on all day!


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